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By Steve JessephWelcome to our new website; we hope you like it.  For the past year, we’ve been working on a new look and enhanced... MORE

By Yin YinWRAP co-sponsored a one-day Global Opportunities Conference for more than 300 students and local businesses in Appalachian State University on October 9, 2009.The... MORE

In our last post, we talked about how WRAP helped raising CSR awareness among college students through its sponsorship. As the world’s largest facility-based social... MORE

The Thanksgiving holiday, a harvest festival  in the US, is traced back to some of the earliest European settlers to arrive at Plymouth Rock (now... MORE

  Last month we examined an interesting phenomenon within the global garment industry that hearkened back to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. The phenomenon was that of... MORE

The final days of November 2012 were ones filled with tragedy in Bangladesh. On Saturday, Novmeber 24, a massive fire broke out on the ground floor of... MORE

As any long-term practitioner can attest, social compliance has only grown in importance over the past decade. Between the risk-aversion incentive of avoiding the strong... MORE

... MORE

April 24 is a day that WRAP's Bangladesh staff members will not soon forget. The day started innocently enough, with all 5 WRAP staff members... MORE

By Russ Jowell ( Today marks a somber anniversary in the history of Bangladesh's garment industry. It was exactly one year ago today that over 110 people... MORE

It's once again that time of year! The time when movers and shakers from every corner of the apparel industry, from design to delivery and... MORE

... MORE

by: Russ Jowell ( Which path do you prefer? Before we continue, I'd like for you to consider the picture at the top of this post. It... MORE

We in the social compliance world draw from a lengthy lexicon of specialized terms every day as we go about our business, and if you... MORE

It’s no secret that Africa is attracting a lot of attention from the apparel and footwear industries as the potential “next big thing” in sourcing.... MORE

Sustainability. One might say that this has become one of the hottest buzzwords of the 21st century. But like so many other buzzwords in centuries... MORE

There is a lot of wisdom in this Chinese saying:  一分 錢 一 分 貨 (yī fēn qián yī fēn huò).  Literally translated it means... MORE

Español | 中文 | বাঙালি | Tiếng Việt WRAP changing approach to encourage transparency on working hours Ever since it came to prominence as a routine practice... MORE

In the world of apparel sourcing, the search for the 'next big thing' is a constant one. Even as recent developments, especially with regards to... MORE

Manufacturing scenario across the globe is undergoing sea changes- what with amazing technological advancement, design novelties, raw material innovations and so on. But at the... MORE

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the International Apparel Federation’s 30th World Fashion Convention in Medellin, Colombia, where there are a... MORE

President & CEO Avedis Seferian looks back at WRAP's accomplishments in 2014 and looks ahead to 2015. ... MORE

During my school days, reopening day on the 1st of June used to be known as the “rainy holiday." But that is a distant dream... MORE

It has been several years since WRAP started exhibiting at trade shows. As part of our business development strategy, we decided to do this to... MORE

The buzz around Africa as the next major sourcing destination has been palpable of late, especially in light of the recent 10 year extension of... MORE

It has long been true that if a supplier wants to sell to a customer, there are certain conditions that must be met before that... MORE

There is a general feeling that the garment export industry did not fare well for quite some time. It is now more than two years... MORE

Consumers, governments, and companies have increasing concerns about the sources of the products and services they buy nowadays; they care about quality, safety, ethics and... MORE

As cliché as it may be, it seems that today more than ever, the only thing that is certain in the fashion industry is change.... MORE

... MORE

As a global society, we spend a lot of time pondering about the future. Considerable energy is focused on postulating and predicting about how we... MORE

During the closing years of the 20th century, the world spent a lot of time wondering what life would be like in the fast-approaching 21st... MORE

We recently visited the South Indian town of Tirupur.  Some people call it the “Manchester of India,” because it is well known for the numerous... MORE

With the speed and complexity of today’s global fashion industry, the business success of international fashion brands depends not only on maintaining good product quality,... MORE

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Those are the words... MORE

Darlene Ugwa ( For the past 6 months, I have been immersed into the world of social compliance within apparel manufacturing. While the term ‘social compliance’... MORE

Greetings, my name is Seth Lennon, I am the new Communications Manager here at WRAP, and its time for me to dive nose deep into... MORE

In Ghana, if one were to attend a Sunday church service or any special occasion like a wedding, funeral, outdooring etc., they are likely to... MORE

In developed societies, humanity excels at a steady pace. Consequently, human rights have become an essential component of both local and global supply chains. Biologically... MORE

During my interactions with many of our stakeholders, especially the manufacturing organizations, it was observed that there are hardly any or little awareness on sustainable... MORE

The principles of education have different aims.  At the earlier stage, it aims to develop individuals’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities.   When they come... MORE

There is increasing global awareness that apparel can come at a high price, regardless of the stated value on the price ticket. The tragic collapse... MORE

The workplace has always been an environment of great interest to me. As a recent graduate of George Mason University, studying industrial organizational psychology, I... MORE

In the last three decades, the garment sector has raised to be the most important industry, in terms of exports, of Bangladesh. A relatively young... MORE

As I am writing this piece, we are approaching my first anniversary with WRAP. This past year has been marvelous and has been even more... MORE

Since May, WRAP has run a podcast (yes, this is an absolutely shameless plug), where we interview vital figures and thought leaders throughout the apparel/textile... MORE

As many of us know, the fashion industry has dealt with a lot of controversy dealing with environmental issues. On August 23rd, 2019, Emmanuel Macron... MORE

In the seventh year of this annual event, “Sourcing Journal” promised to go beyond the headlines to focus attendees’ attention on the new fundamentals for... MORE

By the time the latest edition of The WRAP Weekly is released, Super Bowl 54 will be well under way, and in a few hours,... MORE

The outbreak of COVID-19 has become the "lifeline for mankind" as it poses a challenge to people, communities, and the economy. We all need to work together... MORE

                    On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, the social compliance world lost a good man. Our little family at WRAP was heartbroken by the passing of... MORE


                    On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, the social... MORE
Every level of the apparel supply chain has... MORE
The outbreak of COVID-19 has become the "lifeline for... MORE