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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2011 with WRAP

Mar 8

Please join WRAP this year to celebrate achievements and contributions from women throughout the world on International’ Women’s Day, March 8.

Women in our society play a crucial role as they are not just wives, mothers, daughters and homemakers, but also hard workers. In the past few decades, women have achieved great stature in industry, government, sports, and many other professional fields. In the global manufacturing industry, women own and manage businesses, supervise positions in facilities, and work on the factory floors. No matter what positions they hold, their dedication should be respected and appreciated.

WRAP is fully committed to equal rights at workplace and is against any types of gender discrimination. “Prohibition of Discrimination” is listed as one of the WRAP 12 Principles. In over 70 countries, all WRAP-certified facilities support equal opportunities and equal benefits among their employees, regardless of their gender.

On this special day, WRAP invites you to join us to thank the women who are serving or have served our industry. We also encourage you to share your inspiring stories or thoughts with us. You can email us at

Happy International Women’s Day!

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