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WRAP CEO Avedis Seferian Ethical Sourcing Forum Interview on YouTube

May 17

While at the Ethical Sourcing Forum 2012, WRAP CEO Avedis Seferian was interviewed about WRAP, social compliance, fire safety and the business benefits of ethical production practices.

Mr. Seferian was interviewed by Andrew Savini of Intertek, in a video created by 3BL Media. Seferian began with an explanation of the WRAP program, referring to our organization as a “sweatshop watchdog.”

“We don’t certify brands or buying houses, we actually certify individual, independent production units—we go to the factories themselves,” said Seferian of WRAP audits.

Bangladeshi factory fire safety was also discussed—as this is a well-publicized topic of concern within the international apparel sourcing community (for more information on WRAP’s fire safety training courses, please visit our training page).

“One of the challenges that the social compliance sector has had over the years is the lack of being cast in the proper light. Too many retailers see it as a necessary add on—at best, a cost that has to be incurred of doing business,” said Seferian.

He continued, explaining there are both moral and business benefits for factories that engage in ethical, humane and fair production.

“It’s not just about doing the right thing… there are business benefits to be had for putting together management systems that address social compliance needs,” continued Seferian.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube and below.

Intertek’s Ethical Sourcing Forum was held March 29-30, 2012, in New York City, NY, and focused on bringing together members from the global sustainability community to tackle challenges and to improve environmental standards and sustainability in the supply chain.

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