Certification Program
WRAP is the world's largest independent certification program mainly focused on the apparel, footwear, and sewn products sectors. 

Becoming a WRAP certified facility involves much more than simply passing an audit. We take a collaborative approach to social compliance certification in which we work with our facilities to ensure that they remain in compliance with our 12 Principles. This does require, however, that all of our facilities actively engage in the process themselves and see to it that effective management systems are maintained to ensure compliance requirements are met.

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1. Application

A production facility submits basic information to WRAP and pays a registration fee of US$1195.

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2. Self-Assessment

Facilities complete a self-assessment of their facility to show that they
have been utilizing socially-compliant practices for a minimum of 90 days (for new facilities; facilities seeking re-certification are expected to have been compliant throughout their preceding certification period). We offer the following resources for facilities to use during their Self-Assessment:
Risk Assessment

3. Monitoring

After submitting their self-assessment, the facility selects a WRAP-accredited monitoring organization to audit the facility against WRAP's 12 Principles. The audit must be successfully passed within 6 months of paying the registration fee to avoid having to re-register. 

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4. Evaluation

WRAP will review the monitor's audit report and decide whether or not to certify the facility. If WRAP decides not to issue a certification, the facility will be notified of the corrections that need to be made and the monitoring firm will conduct an additional inspection. If the facility does not satisfactorily implement the recommendations within the original six-month period, it must pay the registration fee again.


5. Certification

There are three levels of WRAP certification – Platinum, Gold and Silver. The certificate issued to a facility is determined by WRAP and depends on the extent to which the audit indicates full compliance and management commitment to the WRAP Principles.

*All certified facilities are subject to random, unannounced
Post-Certification Audits during their certification period.


PLATINUM (Valid for 2 years)

Platinum certification is only available to facilities that have established an excellent track record of commitment to social compliance with WRAP. In order to qualify, facilities must demonstrate full compliance with WRAP’s 12 Principles for 3 consecutive certification audits, during which time there should be no gaps between successive WRAP certifications and no non-compliances during any WRAP audits.

GOLD (Valid for 1 year)

Gold certifications are awarded to facilities that demonstrate full compliance with WRAP's 12 Principles during an audit.

*NOTICE: Any facility that cannot show complete and accurate records regarding wages and/or working hours during ANY audit (initial, re-certification, or post-certification) will automatically lose eligibility for Platinum and Gold certification for their current period. This includes any violations of Principles 5 or 6 where WRAP monitors indicate issues with record keeping or cannot verify them due to inconsistencies.

SILVER (Valid for 6 months)

A facility may request a Silver level certification if an audit finds that it is in substantial compliance with the WRAP principles, but has minor non-compliances in policies, procedures or training that need to be addressed. Facilities seeking certification through this route must request a Silver certificate in writing from a WRAP office at the conclusion of their first formal audit as a certificate will not be automatically issued. Important points to note in this regard are:

Facilities may not have any "red flag" non-compliances such as child labor, egregious health & safety or environmental issues, prison labor, forced or involuntary labor, or harassment or abuse of employees.
Facilities must demonstrate that their employees are paid at least the minimum wage and any required overtime compensation.

Alternatively, the WRAP Review Board may issue a Silver certificate if any of these criteria are met:

The facility is a first-time applicant and has demonstrated difficulty in achieving full compliance or has shown non-material non-compliances in one of these areas:

working hours
training and communications with employees
payment of regular wages and overtime premiums
any other factors that would bar the facility from being granted a Gold certificate

The facility is applying for a re-certification, but non-material non-compliances are found during the audit

Special Notices for Silver Certifications:

All Silver-certified facilities wishing to renew their certification must reapply prior to the expiration of their certificate, pay a reduced registraion fee of US$895, and demonstrate improvement toward achieving Gold certification at the subsequent audit.

A facility may be awarded no more than 3 consecutive Silver certificates. If a facility fails to achieve full compliance within this time period, its certification will be revoked, however the facility may reapply for certification using its original registration number following a waiting period of 6 months.

Facilities that have two successive "clean" audits will be eligible for a Gold certificate.